Assisi's Memorial Bear Kitchen Website Design

Posted on Jul 26, 2010 in Charity, Web Site Design


Duffy has just completed the website design for Assisi’s Memorial Bear Kitchen to assist helping build a kitchen to prepare food for the Moon Bears that are rescued from Bear Bile farms in China.

A very, very worthy cause. They need just another $73,000 for the kitchen, in conjunction with the SPCA us kiwi’s are on a mission to gather funds for the kitchen.

I went along to recently to hear Jill Robinson, the lady behind Animals Asia, who is making it all happen, and things are really changing over in China to close down these farms. So that is great news!

Bear bile has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and has resulted in thousands of bear farms in Asia where bears spend their lives in cages barely large enough for them to move in where they’re milked for their bile through a catheter, or a permanent hole in the abdomen that bile drips out of.

There are officially about 7,000 bear farms in China, but groups suspect the actual number to be higher. The World Society for the Protection of Animals estimates that approximately 12,000 bears are currently suffering on bear farms around Asia, with an estimated 16,000 left in the wild, who are considered an endangered species.

The active ingredient in bear bile, UDCA, can be synthetically created without the use of animals. Additionally, a report by the Chinese Association of Medicine and Philosophy and EarthCare has established that there are at least 54 herbal alternatives to bear bile, including Chinese ivy stem, dandelion, chrysanthemum, common sage and rhubarb. The alternatives are both cheap and effective, according to Animals Asia.

Animals Asia have a great number of doctors and a huge amount of extensive research to prove that the bears that the bile has been extracted from have and die from liver cancer, so any product often non-essential, non-TCM products such as toothpaste, wine, shampoo and power drinks, that contains Bear Bile can make humans get liver cancer too, need I say more…